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Oneness Reiki


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The energies of Oneness Reiki have been channeled to create an energetic field of connectiveness with the Universal Consciousness and everything within it. The energies are of a very high vibrational frequency that enable you to not only connect with the oneness of the universal mind but also the spiritual cords that connect everything that we see around us. Oneness Reiki is a pure and simple healing system to work with that when used on a daily basis will help you to not only feel more relaxed but will also help you to stay within a centered state of awareness. Oneness Reiki will also help to ease all forms of Anxiety, Worry and Stress by filling your body with the pure unconditional love of the Universal Mind. Oneness Reiki is the Unblocker. Being Calm and without Worry allows you to follow your Natual Path without Obstructions. In time you might also find that you will be able to gain a spiritual connection with the Akashic Records to learn more abou who you are and where you come from which will include the lives that you have lived before being incarnated into your present reality. 

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