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Nine Wonders


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The introduction for this attunement is short but the energies are truly amazing. I have not worked with a system quite like this for many years. Nine Wonders is a tool for anybody who works with Reiki energy or similar. It acts on all of the Chakras one by one in combined action with the Ethereal Crystals. This attunement can be used for self application of Reiki or during the application of Reiki to another person. This brings the spiritual properties of Balance and Protection.

Nine Wonders helps with the following and much more:

* Clearing Mind, Body & Spirit

* Balance the Emotions

* Spiritual Protection

* Expanding the Capacity of Channeling Energies

* Channeling the Properties of Ethereal Crystals

* Grounding the Mind, Body & Spirit

* Increases Resilience

* Combating Stress and Anxiety

* Boosts Self Esteem and Self Confidence

* Relieves States of Fatigue

* Helps to Improve Resoning, Concentration and Understanding

* Helps you to Achieve your Objectives and Dreams

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