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New Seichim Vibration


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The New Seichim Vibration is a brand of Seichim that I have created to give you a simple yet powerful form of energy for personal healing and self development. This form of Seichim is not only pure in its vibration but also expresses the energies of compassion, love, support, healing and expansion in a simple and straightforward way to allow everyone to tap into these energies. Previous incarnations of Seichim have only been available for those who are Reiki Masters but this new Seichim vibration is available to everyone, even those who have no reiki training. The energies of New Seichim have been stripped back to the bare basics, removing any influence, interference or structure that people have added over the years. The primary focus of this system is the focus on the energy and nothing else. It has also been created in such a way that it needs no symbols or complicated theories in order to work with it. The New Seichim Vibration is also a system that works through you so you do not necessary have to do anything yourself. The energies and the Empowerment that it brings to you will work through your etheric background.

New Seichim Vibration cosists of 3 Degree’s

New Seichim Vibration 1st Degree

The 1st Degree has been designed to raise your energies, enabling you to channel a much higher vibration of energy to yourself and others. It also increases your personal power and enables you to give treatment to yourself and others.

New Seichim Vibration 2nd Degree

The 2nd Degree further increases your spiritual vibration, personal power as well as strengthening the energies of the previous level to help you clear your environment, including your home, sacred space and objects.

New Seichim Vibration 3rd Degree

The 3rd and final Degree continues to increase your vibration, raising your personal power and validating your inner strength. Your energies are expanded and your spiritual awareness, psychic gifts, personal enlightenment and ascension are built up via a set of in built energetic functions that range from physical healing, emotional support, energetic work. animal healing and much more.

You will also learn about the following and much more:

* What is Seichim.

* New Seichim 1st Degree Information

* New Seichim 2nd Degree Information

* New Seichim 3rd Degree Information

* New Seichim Vibration Symbol Information

* New Seichim Vibration Functions.

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