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New Celtic Reiki


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New Celtic Reiki…. so why do we need yet another Celtic-based attunement when we already have Celtic Reiki, Celtic Wisdom Healing System and many others. The philosophy is that this new system includes the Celtic Christian tradition. It does not mean that this system is only for traditional Christians. Nor is it evangelical or dogmatic in its intention. New Celtic Reiki is an open-ended system that is available to people of all faiths. It takes into account the remarkable fact that the transition from what some might call paganism into Christianity was surprisingly painless throughout certain parts of the British Isles. There was no ruthless suppression of one by the other which meant that the two cultures mingled in a way that differed widely from the rest of Western Europe.

This attunement is a mix of different beliefs, texts, ideas and information. The system is intended to be used for general healing, and physical and emotional blessings. You are encouraged to use it accordingly to your own intuition and experiences. Think of it as part of the ancient Celtic tradition of saints and scholars, of closeness to nature, especially to wells and trees, and gentle mysticism. You are also encouraged to perform your research about these things or you can simply activate the energies to flow in your etheric background and then let the New Celtic Reiki energies to do their thing.

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