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New Arcturian Healing Codes


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Welcome to the New Arcturian Healing Codes. The energies of the Codes were channelled after I created the Galactic Lightworker and Lyran Starseed Empowerment in 2022. At the time of channelling, I experienced a deep spiritual cleanse where I clairvoyantly received a set of intention-based statements and numerical codes which were infused into my etheric background. As I connected with each Code, I was given insights into how they will work and how they can be used to balance, heal and re-align the trinity of mind, body & spirit. I was told that the Codes are being given to us by a group of higher beings called the “Arcturian Masters”. The Arcturian Masters are a group of highly evolved beings who reside within a higher dimension where they have been watching humankind for millennia. Unlike many other civilisations, higher dimensional beings, the Arcturian Masters have not made themselves known to us in the same way due to the lower vibrations of humankind. This is because the leaders of our world are driven by ego, vanity, hate, war and the need to cause pain and suffering which means that our space brothers and sisters see that we are not yet ready to receive their true knowledge. I was told that while the leaders of our world and a large percentage of the world’s population think that they are an advanced species, in galactic terms we are little children who still have a lot of growing up to do before we are mature enough to align ourselves with these advanced beings from other planets, star systems and galaxies.
As long as we continue to live our lives and allow our leaders to take us on a path of destruction, we will never truly grow or ascend to the higher dimensions where we can finally connect with our celestial brothers and sisters. There will be some individuals on Earth who will overcome these lower vibrations and they will raise their energies to a point where they can connect with other star beings on a personal level but for the whole of humanity to do this, will take many years. This does not mean that we are going to be left out in the cold and ignored. Our celestial brothers and sisters including the Arcturian Masters still want to help us on our spiritual paths by sharing a select number of advanced energies and spiritual tools which if used properly can help to heal the body, align the mind and awaken the spirit. They also wish to help us reach the higher states of consciousness and ascended awareness where they will step forth to welcome us into the Celestial Hierarchy. The Arcturian Masters are the ones who have brought forth these new energies and numerical codes so we can begin the process of raising our energies to higher levels of personal oneness through self-healing and spiritual progression. The codes will teach us how to focus our intentions on specific areas of life so we can release the old programmes that have been encoded into our etheric blueprints over many lifetimes while at the same time welcoming higher, advanced energy patterns to raise our spirits and clear the soul.

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