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Neilah 1-3


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The word Neilah comes from the Hebrew Language meaning Closure and Finish!. Within the Neilah system, there are 8 Symbols that are used and 1 Symbol that is Encoded into your Auric Field. The Vibrations of Neilah incorporate the applications and techniques to teach you about Forgiveness. Not only Forgiveness of yourself but also the Forgiveness of the Past and how to give away Sins through the process of Releasement in order to bring about Healing via the Divine Consciousness (God/Jesus). By working with these Energies and raising your Vibrations through the Guided Meditations you will learn how to create a Spiritual Pyramid of Protection as well as how to charge Crystals with the Neilah Energies so they can be used when needed. These Stones and Crystals can also be used as Lucky Protection Tools. Also included within the manual are a Colour Visualisation and various Mantras/Prayers which are applied when you use this method for Healing Sessions. 

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