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Nature Love Empowerment


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Beofre I introduce you to Nature Love Empowerment, I need to mention something….. I was attuned to this system several years ago but I have never offered it through the Academy due to the legal message that is within the manual. the wording of the message has never sat right with me which is a shame becasue the energies of this system are beautiful and it is an attunement that many people have asked me to add to the Academy. Please know that the legal terminology is not how I feel and the wording is the belief of the founder.

Nature Love Empowerment Introduction

Nature Love Empowerment is a system which is capable of producing an energetic signature which works to cause the vibrations of positivity to flow through the aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit. It is the vibrations of this attunement that trigger us to always work towards doing good deeds without any other intention that deviate from goodness. Nature Love works to stimulate the Heart Chakra so you become more aware and sensitive to the feelings of others. It works within the etheric background to stabilise the emotions while also working to balance and alig the energetic body.

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