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Namgyalma Mother Buddha Reiki


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Namgyalala is one of the 3 main Buddhic Deities who are revered for their Longevity and the Elimination of Misfortunes. Her right face manifests compassion for all beings and her left face signifies her skill at cutting through ignorance and wrathful means. It is thought that through reciting Namgyalmas Mantra you will gain victory over all forms of illness. This three faced Goddness with eight arms is incredibly powerful for granting the extension of one’s life through recovery of illness and avoiding premature death through accidents and disasters.

As you work with these energies Namgyalma Mother Buddha will help you with the following :

* Elimination for All Misfortunes.

* Compassion for All Beings.

* Fast Recovery Over Illness.

* Blessings for a Long & Meaningful Life.

* Avoid Premature Death Accidents and Disasters.

* Banish and Defeat of Negative Entities and Energies.

* Grants Your Wishes.

* Increase Happiness and Wisdom.

* Shield from Evil Owens.

* Purification.

* Changing your Karma in this Life and Coming Life.

* Helps Heal Cancer and Other Disease.

* Protection.

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