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Mystical Flower of Life Empowerment


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Mystical Flower of Life has been channelled to help you to connect with these amazing energies of rejuvenation, alignment and harmony. This attunement has many applications for everyday use, meditation, inspiration, spiritual development and serenity for the mind, body and spirit. The Mystical Flower of Life calls you to a state of increased awareness and consciousness. It brings forth a deep sense of peace and understanding of who you are and your place within the universe. The energies are purifying, allowing you to peel away the layers, to release superfluous baggage that has been weighing you down, re-energising and revitalising your energy bodies. The energies are rejuvenating, enabling you to feel renewed and replenished on all levels of your being. The energies work with the 7 etheric subtle bodies and the 7 major chakras, aligning and harmonising and in so doing raising our vibration and connecting us with Sacred Source energy. The energies can also help you to begin a process of transformation by expanding your understanding of the Universe, of Source energy and of the cycle of life and the interconnectivity of all things across all timelines, unifying you and empowering you. The energies will help you to connect with the higher realms when used during meditation or channelling work to connect with higher vibrations and find answers and guidance on your path, to find your purpose.

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