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My Way Home


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My Way Home has been channelled to help connect you to HOME. Home has very different meanings for each person. Many people feel that they have existed somewhere before they arrived into this physicality. Some people believe they lived here on Earth for one or more lifetimes. Those and other people often believe that whether they have lived on Earth before now or not, they originated somewhere else. They may have memories of life somewhere else or just a vague feeling of being from somewhere not on Earth. So many people over the years attribute some of their restlessness to the fact that they just don’t feel fully at home here on Earth. I agree with Mariah when she states that Earth is beautiful and fairly enjoyable but I also know that I am not from Earth, I am a Starseed. I know deep within the core of my being that my HOME is out there in the Universe and yes, I long for the day when I can return to my one true HOME. This attunement will help you to be present in your current reality and to hopefully make Earth feel like home for however long you are here for. 

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