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Munay Ki & Nusta Karpay Package


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Within this Package, you will receive the Energetic Connections to the original Munay Ki Rites including the new 13th Rite of the Womb as well as all attunements to Nusta Karpay. These attunements when combined into your Energy Field will help you in Transforming your Life so that you will become at one with the Vibrational Frequencies of the Goddess as well as allow your Luminous Energy Field to expand into new states of Conscious Awareness.

* Munay Ki – Rites of the Medicine Way

Munay-Ki is a system that comprises of nine great rites of the medicine way. The word Munay means “I love you as you are and therefore this system works very well with those who feel the desire to attract more love into your life. The Munay-Ki are the nine gates that heal and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous which is the next step in our evolution. We are being born with these aspects of our luminous energy field, but the momentum of our culture weakens and distorts them. The Munay-Ki reawakens and strengthens the new luminous architecture so that we can more effectively dream our new world into being and live our daily lives in the ways that we truly prefer.

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a new human appearing on the planet – one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature. The Munay-Ki are the codes for the new human. They are delivered in the form of energetic transmissions from teacher to student. The nine initiations of the Munay-Ki have only been available until recently to the high wisdom keepers of the Americas. For a period of time, they could only be transmitted directly from spirit, the purely energetic worlds, to the few who lived with extraordinary dedication and sacrifice but now the rites can be transmitted from human to human as we approach this critical leap in our evolution. These energetic rites are now also being made available through a distant connection in order for them to be spread throughout the world in order to aid in humankind’s spiritual evolution to a level of pure love and peace. As you receive the Munay-Ki rites, your chakras will clear, and you will acquire what the Laika call “The Rainbow Body”. This is where your chakras glow with their original radiance bringing balance and harmony to your entire chakra system. Remember that each of the chakras has a unique colour, and when they are shining with their original light, they emit the colours of the rainbow. When they are dulled by trauma from this and previous lifetimes, our LEF acquires a greyish hue and our chakras become pools of psychic sewage. As soon as you acquire a rainbow body, the luminous Earth keepers can reach out to us because they recognize that we share a common vision and calling. When this happens, and if you’ve developed the ability to see into the invisible world, you can discern the former physical forms of these luminous ones. Sometimes, people will perceive these ancient Earth keepers as Native American elders, wearing robes from Asia or furs from Siberia, or even feathers from the Amazon. Sometimes you’ll be able to perceive their thoughts and feelings. However, you perceive them you will gain a unique spiritual connection to their wisdom and their stories. Eventually, as you experience the 7th, 8th, and 9th initiation, you can download a new and better version of the software that informs the LEF, which will then inform your DNA, giving it instructions on how to create a new body that will age, heal, and die differently. There’s nothing you need to do to attract these luminous Earth keepers. They will come to you when you invite them to do so and are ready to receive them. When the student is ready, the master appears. They will not disturb you in any way but are available to support you in your efforts to bring more light and healing into the world. They are also there to protect you from the negativity and fearful energies in the world today.

The Nature of the Luminous Beings

These luminous ones are our medicine lineage. They are believed to be humans who rose to the level of angels. Some are in bodies, some are in spirit form, but all have a mandate to protect those who are looking after the well-being of the planet. They are the finest spiritual allies anyone can have, and they provide us with knowledge on how one becomes earth angels. This is what the prophecies of the Laika mean when they tell us that we have the potential to become Homo luminous. We can develop the luminous energy fields of the angelic realms within our lifetime. The Munay-Ki also offer us the energetic keys to do this. When we evolve into homo luminous, we no longer have to call on the angels and archangels to help us find a parking spot or our fortunes, because we start to become like them. Remember that in the Bible, God said, “Behold, the man has become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.” As we become Earth keepers, we join the ranks of the angelic realms, who come from many different worlds and were the original souls present after Creation. They don’t cycle through bodies as we do, because they don’t need a corporeal form, as they don’t need to learn and grow during an existence in the material world. They have everlasting life and are the keepers of many worlds in many galaxies.

The Munay Ki Initiation Rites

The training of the Earth keepers has an energetic component, a series of initiations that help to develop a new architecture in our luminous energy field. The rites anchor each of the critical junctures in the process of becoming homo luminous. The nine rites are the sum total of attunements that we go through as we transit from the body of a human to the body of angels (Please Note that this does not mean you become an Angel or that you are better than anyone else) These rites were first given to ancient teachers by angelic beings, and now are passed on from teacher to student. When an Earth keeper gifts the Munay-Ki to a student, it is the lineage of luminous beings that transmits itself, that leaps from the head of the master to the student. To transfer this energetic information, the keeper simply maintains sacred space and embodies the vibration of the level they want to transmit. While you can’t undergo these initiations on your own as soon as you receive them you are able to transmit them to others. There is however one caveat. The rites are offered for FREE. This however does not mean that the teacher’s time is given for free. A fee is charged to coach someone during the changes that they will go through as they receive the rites, but not for the Munay-Ki itself. You are paying for my time as your teacher and to also supply you with your Pi Stone which is purchased and posted to you after your ninth rite.

The Nine Munay-Ki Rites

* 1st Rite of Initiation

The First rite consists of an energetic transfer to install a basic form of protection into your LEF. These are known as the Bands of Power and consist of five energetic bands representing earth, air, fire, water, and pure light. These bands are installed within your Luminous energy field, and act as filters, breaking down into one of the five elements any negative energies that come your way so that these energies can feed you instead of making you toxic or ill. The Bands of Power are always turned “on”, resulting in all forms of negative energy to bounce right off them and go directly to the earth where they belong. In a world filled with fear, the bands provide essential protection. [In review they are the black band around the first and second chakra representing earth, the red band of water around the 3rd, the gold band of fire around the 4rth, the silver band of wind around the 5th, the white band of pure spirit around the 6th. Additionally, each band has threads that go down into the ground under your feet and are connected to the rainbow glacier and gold and silver rivers from the crown or 7th chakra, holy snow-capped mountain, down the spine and around the tailbone.

* 2nd Rite of Initiation

The Second rite is called the Healers rite [In Quechua, the Hampe rites]. This rite connects you to the lineage of the Earth keepers. The Earth keepers from the past come directly to you to assist you in your personal healing. The Laika know that we have tremendous spiritual assistance available to us and it is through these luminous beings working with us during our meditation and sleep time that wounds are healed of our personal and ancestral past.

* 3rd Rite of Initiation

The Third rite is the Harmony rite [In Quechua, the Ayni Karpay]. During this rite, you will receive seven archetypes into each of your chakras. In the first chakra, you receive the archetype of the serpent. The Jaguar goes into the second. The Hummingbird into the third and the Eagle into the fourth. Then three archangels enter your upper three chakras. Huascar Inka, the keeper of the lower world and the unconscious is transmitted into the fifth chakra; Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent God of the Americas, and keeper of the middle world (our waking world) goes into the sixth; and Pachakuti, the protector of the upper world (our super-conscious) and keeper of the time to come goes into the seventh chakra. These archetypes are transmitted into your chakras as seeds. These seeds then germinate with fire where you are required to perform a number of fire meditations to awaken them and help them grow. Afterwards, they help combust the psychic sludge that has built up in your chakras, so that your chakras can shine with their original light as you acquire a rainbow body. This rite helps you to shed your past the way the serpent sheds its skin. Here is my description of each of the archetypes. They are like friends that you can call on to help you in any situation.

Important Information about the Harmony Rite – Before the 3rd Rite is sent you need to work with each Archetype Energy for a duration of 14 weeks. This is clearly stated within the Munay Ki manual and is non-negotiable. If you are unable to abide by this guideline, then please do not purchase the Munay Ki attunement. This is an attunement which must be respected and honoured.

* 4th Rite of Initiation

The Fourth rite is the Seer rite [in Quechua, the Kawach rites]. This rite installs filaments of light extending from your visual cortex in the back of your head to your third eye and heart chakras. This spiritual rite awakens your ability to perceive the invisible world. It lifts the veil from your eyes so you will begin to see and sense the spirit in a completely new way. Many of you will find that after a few months of receiving the Seer rite, you will be able to perceive the world of energy around you in a much more refined way.

* 5th Rite of Initiation

The Fifth rite is the Day keeper rite [in Quechua, the Pampamesayoq rites]. The Day keepers were the masters of the ancient stone altars found in within the sacred places throughout the world, from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu. The Day keeper is able to call on the power of these ancient altars to heal and bring balance to your soul but also to the world. This rite is an energetic transmission that connects you to a lineage of Laikas from the past. According to lore, the Day keepers call on the sun to rise each morning and set each evening, they made sure that humans were in harmony with their mother and honoured the ways of the feminine. The Day keepers were the midwives who attended births and deaths, as well as the herbalists. They were generally women and were knowledgeable about the ways of the feminine earth. This initiation begins the process of healing your inner feminine and helps you to step beyond fear and practice peace.

* 6th Rite of Initiation

The Sixth rite is the Wisdom keeper rite [in Quechua, the Altomesayoq rites]. The legends say that ancient wisdom resides in the high mountains. These high ice-covered peaks were revered as places of power, just as other mountains around the world are today from Mt. Sinai, Mt. Fuji and Mt. Olympus have been honoured as places where humans meet the divine. The lineage of the Wisdom keepers are medicine men and women from the past who defeated death and stepped outside of time. The job of the Wisdom keeper is to protect the medicine teachings and share them with others when appropriate. This rite helps you to step outside of time and taste infinity.

* 7th Rite of Initiation

The Seventh rite is the Earth keeper rite [in Quechua, the Kurak Akuyek rites]. This rite connects you to the lineage of the archangels who are also known as the guardians of our galaxy. They are reputed to have human form and can be as tall as trees. The Earth keepers, who are stewards of all life on Earth come under the direct protection of these archangels and can summon their power when they need to in order to bring healing and balance to any situation. The rite of the Earth keepers help you learn the ways of the seer, and to dream the world into being.

* 8th Rite of Initiation

The Eighth rite is the Star keeper rite [in Quechua, the Maillku or Mosok Karpay rites]. This rite anchors you safely to the time after the great change that is said will occur on or around the year 2012. According to lore, when you receive this rite, your physical body begins to evolve into that of Homo luminous. The ageing process is slowed down, and you become resistant to the diseases you were once vulnerable to. When you receive this rite, you acquire stewardship of the time to come and all future generations.

* 9th Rite of Initiation

The Ninth rite is the Creator rite [in Quechua, the Taitanchis Ranti rites]. When you receive this initiation, you awaken the God-light within you, acquiring stewardship for all of creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies. This rite has never been available before although there were some individuals who attained this level of initiation and awakened their Christ or Buddha consciousness, it was never possible to transmit these from one person to another, until today. So, while Spirit-to-human transmission happened on occasion, the human-to-human transmission was impossible until now. The Creator rite was brought forth and gifted to us by Inka elders in the Andes during the summer of 2006. It is also one of the most profound spiritual connections that I have ever experienced. Upon completion of your Munay-Ki Rites, you will receive a Pi stone by post. The Pi stone is used to gain access to the energies of Munay Ki. The torus (Munay Ki) is a three-dimensional shape of a doughnut. This shape allows energy to flow up through the center and then wrap around to flow back down on the outside in a constant three-dimensionall circling. It is said that energy circulates in and around us in a similar pattern, rising in the core, through the crown and down around the luminous energy field that surrounds the body. The cycle repeats continuously.

* 13th Rite – The Rite of the Womb

The Rite of the Womb is a very powerful and loving energy transmission that has been designed to restore the natural balance of your creative center. The Rite of the Womb is a blessing of the Womb, the sacred place of creation which is available to both Men and Women. Many Women are still carrying the pain and resentment of their Mothers, Grandmothers and Female Ancestors. Some feel the wounds of Past Life connections or have had traumatic experiences in this lifetime that block the flow of Joy and Happiness which stops them from connecting with the Divine Feminine that resides in each and every Human Being. The Healing Energy of this blessing will reactivate this Divine Feminine Power with you.

The Feminine Spirit of the Jungle reminds us of this simple and vital


* The Womb is not a place to store Fear and Pain.

* The Womb is to Create and give Birth to New Life.

This lineage of Women, through the Jungle Medicine, has given us the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki tradition. As soon as you receive the blessings and share it with others you will begin the process of healing not only the Physical Womb but also the Spiritual Womb. In doing this, you will also bring Healing to the Blessed Mother Earth. The Rite of the Womb – The 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki, is a Contemporary Ritual that is Birthed into being very recently by Marcela Lobos, a Medicine Woman who was initiated into the Healing and Spiritual Traditions of the Amazon and Andes. The Munay Ki are a series of Rituals brought to the West by Marcela’s Husband, Dr Alberto Villoldo, distilled from his work as a Medical Anthropologist with the High Shamans of South America. As Dr Villoldo says, “Rites of Passage and Initiation have been practices for Millenia by all peoples of Earth. The Rites of the Munay Ki are based on Initiatory Practices of the Shamans of the Andes and the Amazon. They are stripped of all traces of the Indigenous Cultures they come from. I did this to respect the Native Traditions, and to avoid the idea that persons from the West can become traditional Shamans or Indians.” Dr Villoldo brought the 9 Rites of Munay Ki out of the Jungle, so why is this newest Rite the 13th and not the 10th? Marcela explains, “Before the Rite of the Womb there were 9 Rites. Though the Rite of the Womb is the Tenth Rite to be given to us, this is a Feminine Rite and does not need to follow Linearity. The lineage that passed this Rite to us wants us to honour the 13 Moons of the Year, which are connected to the Cycles of the Womb.”

Nusta Karpay – The Goddess Rites of Peru

Pronounced “Newsta Karpie, the Rites are open to both Men and Women and to both Newcomers as well as to those who have worked with Healing for many years. These Teachings and Energetic Transmissions offer the Initiate the possibility for profound connections with the Powerful Energies known in the Andes as the Nustas. High in the Mountain Range known as the Andes, the beauty of Ancient Ceremonies and Wisdom is Embodied within the living Ancestral Languages of Word and Ritual that hold the Blueprint for creating a Vibrant, Heart-Centered Life within a Living Universe. The people have survived within a Sacred Heart-Centered life for Centuries, living above the Treeline in simple homes made of the very substance of Pachamama, sheltered within the Stones and Soil of our Great Mother Earth.

In recent times, the Signs from the Apus and the Ancestral Prophecies have been handed down within the Lineage of Healer-Mystics which are then converged into the Messages that are being offered to us. It is now time to share the Ceremonies and Teachings. Our survival as the Human Children of Pachamama depends upon restoring the Sacred Reciprocity – Ayni and living in Balance with Mother Earth. The Deceptively Simple, yet Immensely Powerful Practices of the Andes, Transcend Cultural Differences between the Andes and the Western World. As you expand your own skills and abilities, you will find that your Heart will begin to open into a Vivid Awareness that you are part of the Living Universe, moving into a profound sense of Alignment with the Natural Forces of our World. The rich array of practices that have been preserved and kept alive in the remote villages of the Andes offers the possibility of Transforming your Relationship with yourself and with each other.

The Nustas are the Princesses and Goddesses of the Mountains (Apus) and the Waters along the Highlands of Peru and Bolivia. The Nusta Karpay is the Initiation into the Seven Andean Goddesses from the Incan Shamanic Tradition. Now is the time for the Great Transformation and Balance of Humanity to bring healing to Mother Earth (Pachamama). the Nustas help immensely with this balance. The intent of the Nusta Karpay is to soften the Heart of both Men and Women and to help Empower each Individual on their Spiritual Path. The 7 Initiations are Sacred Energetic Seeds of Transmission that are given to the initiate to help bring about a balance between the Masculine and Feminine Energies within you. As you Heal and Balance the Divine Feminine within you, you will also be working to help heal Mother Earth (Pachamama).

About the Nusta Karpay

Nusta Karpay are Quechua words meaning ‘Seven Goddess Initiations’. These very Special, Beautiful and Authentic Initiations are now beginning to spread around the World but there are still only a small group of Individuals who are offering them. At the Academy, we believe that we are the first in the UK to start offering these Sacred Initiations to those who feel guided to work with the Nusta Karpay Energies.

Who may receive the Nusta Karpay?

The Nusta Karpay Rites are open to both Men and Women and are available to everyone regardless of their Spiritual Orientation. The Nusta Karpay are not only for those who have apprenticed in the Andean or other Ancient Spiritual Traditions. They are for those who wish to heal the Divine Feminine within themselves while at the same time carrying that Healing Energy out into the World and for those who wish to bring greater Peace and Unity to our Planet.

What are the Nusta Karpay?

Within the Andean Spiritual Tradition, the Nustas are the Goddesses and Sacred Archetype Feminine Energies of Nature. They are the original Princesses of the Andean Cosmology and are sourced from the Great Mountains and Sacred Lakes in Peru. They are also connected to the Waters and Mountains on Mother Earth. In the Quechu Language of the Andes, the word “Karpay” means a Rite or Ceremony of Initiation. The Nusta Karpay Initiations have been gifted to us from the Andean Q-ero Medicine Men and Women of Peru, via Don Mariano Quispe in the year 2010. They recognised and responded to the cry of the Great Mother (Pachamama), to heal her Wounds and Energetic Imbalance. These Energetic Wounds and Imbalances of the Mother are reflected in our Wounds and Disharmony as well as those of Humanity. The Q’ero Medicine Men and Women understood that the purest way to bring back Harmony and Balance to our Mother Earth was to bring Humanity back into the right Relationship with the Pachamama and the Sacred Feminine. This Re-Connection to the Sacred Feminine is gained through the Ancient Rites of Husta Karpay. When you connect with these Rites you will notice that as you work with the energies of Nutsa Karpay, they will work within you through your Dreams, Imaginings and the Experiences that you will have with Nature and our Blessed Mother Earth.

What will I experience when I receive the Nutsa Karpay Rites?

As with all forms of Energy Work, each person will receive something that is unique to them. The Nusta Karpay Rites are given as Energetic Seeds of the Feminine Goddess Archetypes and are encoded into the rites given as energetic seeds of the Feminine Goddess Archetypes and are Encoded into your Chakra System and Luminous Energy Field. The chakras are seen by the Andean Culture as being the Organs of the Luminous Energy Field which hold all of your History as well as your Light and Shadow Aspects. As you receive and integrate the Initiations of Nutsay Karpay you will begin to stir the contents of your Chakras, bringing to the surface any part of yourself that as of yet has not been healed or honoured. You will feel the impact of the Hutsa Karpay Energies immediately, but as with the cycles of the Moon and Nature, the Alchemy of the Archetypes work in cycles through you. The Nutsa Karpay have a gentle yet powerful energy that works to Heal, Restore and Balance the Feminine within you.

Through the connection to the Hustas, you begin to awaken an Energetic Rapport with the Divine Feminine, not only within yourself but with the Feminine in all of Creation. Here, you will also recognise and begin to heal your True Relationships and connection to Mother Earth and all living beings. Through the powerful initiations of the Rites, you will experience a real “Quickening” of your Spiritual Growth and Personal Healing. The Healing Energy of the Nusta will help you strengthen your connection with all the Feminine Aspects within you and around you, on Earth and the Cosmos.

These beautiful Initiations will help to heal the Wounded Ego, Reduce Fear, and Guilt and enable you to let go of the need to control everything within your life. It will allow you to be your own Inner Master, but you must first heal all old wounds by moving through the layers of the self, gaining insight and expanding your Consciousness. As you do this, the flow of Love will come as a constant companion in your life. The Nusta Karpay will allow Men to soften their Nature while developing a greater sense of Empathy and allowing themselves to be in tune with their Feelings, Emotions and Intuitions. These Initiations will bring Women into their own Goddess Energy as well as expand their Conscious Awareness and Empathic Intuition.

* Nusta Karpay Rite #1 – Mama Ocllo

Mama Ocllo is the Daughter of Father Sun and Mother Earth who originates from Lake Titicaca. She is Goddess of the Earth, Goddess of Wisdom and the Great Mother of all Goddesses. The Essence of Mama Occio is to Ground us in our own Centre and to help us find our own Sanctity. This Rite has been designed to heal the Feminine Power that resides in both Men and Women so that a sense of Spiritual Restoration can begin to manifest itself in your life. This Rite will also prepare you to receive the Initiations from the other Rites as it opens your Chakras and connects each one with a Luminous Spiral of Light that extends from the Root Chakra to the top of the Crown Chakra. During this Rite, you will receive the ‘Seeds of Light’ which are encoded into each of your Chakras. These Seeds are connected to the 7 Shamanic Archetypes through 7 Stones (Noral Stones, Nature Pebbles or Chumpi Stones).

Mama Occio Spiritual Tools – Gemstones, Pebbles or Chumpi Stones. Students will need to purchase the Crystals, Chumpi Stones or you can collect the Pebbles from a Beach or Riverbank.

* Nusta Karpay Rite # 2 – Doña Mujia

Dona Mujia is the Goddess of Water. Mujia means ‘Mermaid’ and stands for the ‘Spirit of the Water’. The Energy connected to this Goddess is all about ‘Letting Go. This Initiation has been designed to help you to release the Negative Aspects of your Ego so that you can open yourself to the concept of a Selfless Union with others. This Rite assists you in releasing your connections to your ‘roles’ while inviting you to Transform the roles into Positive Interactions. This is a ‘Flowering Rite’, the tools used for this Initiation are Flowers and Water.

Dona Mujia Spiritual Tools – Water and Flower Petals. Students need to collect these to receive and work with the 2nd Rite.

* Nusta Karpay Rite # 3 – Mama Simona

Mama Simona is the Goddess of our Ancestors. During this Rite, you are connected with the Ancient Feminine Lineage, the Ancestors and a sense of Inner Connection with your Ancestral Roots. This Rite enables you to connect not only with Mother Earth but also to achieve a deeper connection with yourself and the way in which you connect with the land you call Home.

Mama Simone Spiritual Tools – Lineage Stone (Gold Sheen Obsidion). Students will need to purchase the Lineage Stone to work with the energies.

* Nusta Karpay Rite # 4 – Doña Theresa

Dona Theresa is the Goddess of Harmony and Softness which gives you a Sacred connection to your Soul. This Rite is closely associated with the Heart-shaped Mountains near Apu Ausengate in Peru and works to open your Heart to all that is and all that will be! The energies work to clear the Energy around your Heart Chakra so that you will begin to experience your Emotions without any Judgment. In doing this and allowing the Energy to work through you, you will also begin to see life with new eyes and with a clarity that you never thought could exist.

Dona Theresa Spiritual Tools – The Heart Despacho. Students must provide their own items for the Heart Despacho.

* Nusta Karpay Rite # 5 – Maria Sakapana

Maria Sakapana is the Goddess of Communication and the Spiral of the Wind. Maria Skapana is associated with two Physical Locations: Bolivia/Peru Altiplano near Lake Titicaca and a location between Q’eros Nation and Apu Asusungate. These are the places where the Paquos (Inca Shamans/Priests) and others will go to open up and clear their Fifth Chakra to speak their Truth. This is the clearing of the Throat Chakra). This Rite invites you to release all that holds you back from Speaking your Truth and frees you from Stepping into your True Divine Self. This is a deeply Cleansing Rite that takes time to assimilate.

Maria Sakapana Spiritual Tools – Feathers (These are used to pass on the Rites to others and are purchased by the Student).

* Nusta Karpay Rite # 6 – Huana Huaman Tiklla

Huana Huaman Tiklla gives you the connection to the Falcon Temple/The Temple of Clear Vision. This Rite will take you on a journey of Clarity and Visionary Work. With this Rite, you are connected to the Spirits of the Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor which will assist you in understanding life with a Higher Perspective. All of these are considered Feminine Characteristics. This Rite is an Energetic Transmission for the opening of your Third Eye Chakra which in time will help you to awaken your Inner Vision, Psychic Clarity and connection with the Spiritual Realms. The tool for this Rite is one of your favourite items that symbolise ‘Vision’, Perspective and Seeing.

Huana Huaman Tikkla Spiritual Tools – Eagle Charm which students must purchase themselves to work with the Energies.

* Nusta Karpay Rite # 7 – Tomasa Huaman Tiklla

Tomasa Huaman Tiklla is the Sister of Huana Huaman Tiklla. Both reside together and form the Goddess of Freedom. The Energy of this Rite is both Liberating and Transforming. This is the Rite of Transformation. Due to this, the last Rite opens your Crown Chakra enabling a Sacred Connection with your True Divine Self. This Rite is the Integration of all the Nustas and their Blessings. Connecting you to the 7 Sisters and the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. The tools that are used for this rite are 3 Candles with which you will work for 3 weeks.

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