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Multidimensional Karmic Ascension Reiki


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Multidimensional Karmic Ascension Reiki is a Distant Attunement that has been created to connect you in Mind, Body and Spirit to the Vibrations of the Universal Energies for Empowerment, Healing and Ascension. It is sometimes difficult for individuals to raise their energies to higher levels without a form of energetic virbration that speeds up the Ascension process. It can often take many years to achieve this state but through this system, you will be guided with techniques that will teach you how to connect your Mind, Body and Spirit to these higher vibrational energies in order to open pathways and opportunities to spiritual awareness and heightened dimensional realities. Multidimensional Karma Ascension works with the Laws of Karma which govern your ability to ascend to these Higher Levels of Spirital Awareness which in trn will slow or speed up your Dimensional Karmic Ascension when they are applied to your Healing work in a positive way. 

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