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Morgarite Cosmic Essence Activation


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The Morgarite Cosmic Essence Activation has been channeled as a very intense activation which will help to enhance all spiritual and psychic abilities that lay dormant within you. This is made possible by connecting with the energetic vibrations of Morgan Le Fey. Working with Morgan you will gain the assistance to tap into her magickal qualities, helping you to unlock your talents and gifts even though sometimes these have not manifested in the physical plane. Morgan’s psychic and energetic protection once you decide to work with her will help you to travel interdimensionally permanently sealing your Aura and Energy Body allowing you to fulfill your mission in this lifetime. You will gain a deeper and more meaningful connection with your cosmic family and friends which in turn will help you to ground and cope better with the intense energies of the Ascension Process. You will also gain a strong etheric connection with the Crystals Labradorite and Moldavite.

Manual Contents:

* Information on Morgan.

* Historical Facts.

* Crystal Attributes.

* Numerology.

* Morgarite Activation Symbol.

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