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Moon Magic With Archangel Haniel


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Archangel Haniel is often called the Moon Goddess because of her association with the Cycles of the Moon. Through Tina’s channeling work with Archangel Haniel she has been given the information about how Haniel can help you to understand your innate Strengths and Talents so that they can be used to your Advantage. She will help you to understand that what the world sees as a Weakness is actually a Spiritual Strength. She will help you to discover what your unique Strength is and what your True Passion is. She will help to push you forward in achieving your Passions so that they can Manifest within your life. With Archangel Haniel by your side, you will live up to your True Spiritual and Personal Potential.

Archangel Haniel will also help you to understand your Reactions to Situations, your Moods, your Rhythms and Cycles of your Body. She helps all Women with their Monthly Cucles as they gain a Spiritual Understanding about what is happeing to their Body and she will help you to listen to your Body so that you can give it exactly what it needs. If there is a problem with the rhythm of your Body Cycles, Archangel Haniel will help you to correct these problems. She will help you to embrace all parts of who you are, gently guiding you to have a Beautiful and Healthy Appreciation of your True Divine Self.

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