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Money Reiki for a New Reality


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If you have been using the Original Money Reiki Energy, you might find that it isnt as effective as it used to be. This is not to say that the Energy is not useful or important to share around the World. There is however an energy of Greed and Ego that is filling the world at this time which seems to be affecting the progress of Spiritual Abundance. The world is so focused on Money and how much Money someone can make within their lives that this is causing an Energetic Blockage within the Spiritual Realms. This is why when someone works with the Laws of Attraction but find that even after all of the Hard Work they put in to think positively and to ask for the Universel to help them out with Financial Situations that they simply “Hit a Wall” and the Spiritual Abundance doesnt appear within their lives. This is where Money Reiki for a New Reality comes into play. These Energies have been channeled to help us ride the waves of Financial Storms and to rise above the Ego and Vain Mindset.

The World is now going through a Collective Clearing Process and while we can hope that the Transition is as gentle as possible, these new Money Reiki Energies will help during this clearing process. They wont take away your challenges completely but they will give you the Spiritual Tools to help you through this Transition of Energies. Simply put, the Energies of Money Reiki for a New Reality are here to help you weather the Global Transition from the Old Energy to the New Energy of Money.

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