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Mindfulness Reiki Do


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Mindfulness is a term used to describe a method of Thinking, and therefore noticing thought itself, as is derived from Buddhism. Although Mindfulness is derived from the Buddhist Faith, there is no need to adhere to any Faith or Religion to use Mindfulness. Buddhism contains a major strand of Personal Improvement and Self Development, plus this Wealth of Knowledge can be tapped into in a secular way, or used by Practitioners of other Faiths without having to believe in Buddhism itself. In no way do you have to Convert or Undermine any Faith or Religion you have of your own. In the same way, you can use Mindfulness with Clients of any Faith and Background. Indeed throughout the manual, you will learn about other Faiths and Non-Faiths Models in order to provide a more flexible approach when working with Mindfulness Reiki Do.

You will also learn about:

* Meditation or Relaxation Therapy.

* The Mindfulness ways of Self-Observation and being aware of your own Mental Being.

* Bringing Holistic Peace and Happiness into your Life.

* The Negative Traits that can Detract from Normal Thinking.

* Lifestyle Issues.

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