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Mercury Retrograde Neutraliser


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Mercury Retrograde is a time when the planet Mercury reverses direction in relation to the orbit of Earth. Mercury doesn’t in itself start spinning in the opposite direction, it simply appears to reverse direction relative to the perspective of Earth. During this period Communications tend to go haywire as if they have a life of their own, Electronic Equipment Malfunctions and it is also not the best time to sign contracts or set up business deals. Incorporating the energies of Mercury Retrograde Neutraliser can help mitigate if not totally remove any Negative Effects of effects of Mercury when it is in Retrograde. It is an easy energy to use and only requires your intention. You can use it as often as possible during Mercury Retrograde until the situation clears up. You will find this is a useful tool to keep your life flowing smoothly instead of being sidetracked by the Merciry Retrograde phases. 
A personal note: I have never been affected by Mercury Retrograde but several students who have been attuned have all commented that activating these energies when Mercury is in retrograde has helped to ease the side effects while also giving them a clearer state of mind. 

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