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Medication By-Product Remover


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Many if not all of us will be prescribed medication at some point in our lives with some of us having to take medicine on a daily basis for the rest of our lives. Medication can and does improve the quality of life and I always believe that traditional orthodox medicine should be the first port of all when someone experiences an illness or disease. Reiki and other alternative therapies must only be used in alignment with traditional medicine. Most medications need to be transformed before a body can excrete them. This is because the characteristics of medications which enable them to be absorbed deep into your body’s cells to do their job are the same characteristics which make them unlikely to leave the cells and go away. Our bodies do not want a build-up on excess medication and so it will change its chemical composition to make it easier to excrete. This change goes through several phases. Some of these phases are chemically unstable or toxic and can cause cellular damage. The Medicine By-Product Remover helps your body to quickly shift the b-products from toxic to water-soluble so they can easily be excreted. 

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