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Medallion Reiki


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Medallion Reiki is not a Healing system. It is a modality that has been chanenled to empower you to create powerful. talismans which contain the power of the 12 Galaxies within them. This is a system that requires your Heart Felt Intention as well as Faith and Trust. The Talismans can be made from any material {Wood, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Ceramic} the list is endless. These Talismans are made from specific purposes where the Vibrations of the Galaxies and Masters are encoded into the Talisman. Every Galazy has 4 Guides but they will come to you one by one as you need them and as you work with the Symbols. There are however 3 Guides that are given and will surely be with youwhen you use them by tapping into the Symbols. Medallion Reiki has 6 Level with each level attuning you to 2 Galaxies. During the final Attunement you are attuned to the last 2 Galaxies and 3 Guides {Holaroom, Falatism, Rutashoom}.  

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