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Manifesting Guidance Program Package


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Within the Manifesting Guidance Program there are 12 attunements that have been designed as spiritual tools to help you with manifesting your desires and making your dreams and wishes come true. For best results it is recommended that you leave at least 1 day between the attunements but if you are able to leave a longer gap this will ensure that you receive the fullness from each attunement that is received.

Below you will find information about each of the 12 levels within the Manifesting Guidance Program

Level 1 – Personal Power Manifestation

Often we go through life feeling that we have no control over our lives. We may feel overwhelmed by circumstances, or over powered by others around us. There are times when we may feel trapped or unable to change things. This attunement energy connects you quickly to the higher source energy and it will begin working to dissolve the negative energies of doubt and fear that causes this feeling of lack of power.

Level 2 – Self Love and Respect Manifestation

The attunement to self love and respect manifestation works to connect you to source energy and opens the path to your higher self. Through these channels, you are able to learn to love and respect yourself. As you learn to care for yourself, and allow yourself to be happy, you also begin to understand that you must treat yourself with kindness in order to be kind. In essence, giving to others while denying yourself, causes feelings of resentment and often anger within, that may work to make you ill. Self love and Respect Manifestation helps you to become someone who radiates unconditional love for herself, and this raises your self-esteem and confidence. When you feel sure of who you are, and of yourself, you are strongly connected to creative source energy.

Level 3 – Love and Friendship Manifestation

The Love and Friendship manifestation helps to connect you to those who are in tune with your soul energies. It helps you connect also to your higher self and creative source in order to guide you in meeting people and making friends with those of like energies. This system also helps you strengthen already existing friendships, family relationships, and love relationships with your special romantic lover. The essence of this energy enhances feelings of well being and healthy relationship.

Level 4 – Abundance Manifestation

The Attunement to Abundance Manifestation connects you to Creative Source, for empowerment. This energy helps you to change your thoughts to positive thoughts of plenty. Often, when we are worried, our thoughts slip into fear and doubts which actually block our flow of abundance. Connecting to Abundance Manifestation energy will help you to release worries, and stay focused on your goals.

Level 5 – Prosperity Manifestation

Prosperity Manifestation connects you to your inner Being, your higher self, and your creative source. The energies of this system helps to guide you in steps to advance in your work or career. It helps you to see opportunities and to accept inner guidance so you are able to make decisions about creating more income for the highest good. The manifestation of prosperity brings with it increases and learning to follow source guidance in steps to make in order to achieve your goals.

Level 6 – Letting Go Manifestation

Letting Go Manifestation connects you to your inner self and to your higher self to help you learn to see the true essences of people, places, and things that no longer serve you in your life. Once you can see what you need to let go, you then must allow the process of letting go so that you are no longer wasting your energies on things that no longer serve you. This system has steady flowing energies that help you to change your focus to bring empowerment and higher energies into your life. It is the first step in releasing the past, releasing emotional pain, and negativity. This release, is beneficial and makes this process of releasing and letting go completely easier and quicker. Once these things that no longer serve you are let go, you can begin to heal, and draw in new and better people, places, and things.

Level 7 – Moving Forward Manifestation

Moving Forward on Your Path Manifestation connects you to pure source energy that will help you focus on your goals and move forward easier. It works to help you release resistance that may be holding you back so that you can go forward you can stay on track. The energies of this attunement will help clear the path and guide you on your journey toward achieving completion of your goals.

Level 8 – Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities Manifestation

Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities Manifestation connects you to your higher self and source energy. It works to open your third eye, and to help you channel messages through both your third eye and your crown chakra. Often messages from spirit come through your crown chakra and move down through your major chakras to give you a sense of knowing without knowing how you know. This system opens both channels (third eye and crown) to help you receive meaningful guidance and important messages for your highest good.

Level 9 – Courage and Strength Manifestation

The Courage and Strength Manifestation connects you to source energies so that you can quickly draw bursts of positive energies you may need to face any situation. Often there are times when you need a quick burst to push you through an emotional situation that requires immediate attention. But it also works to help you draw the courage you need to face any challenge in live and the strength to see it through. This is a powerful system that gives you that extra energy and self empowerment you need to get through any situation.

Level 10 – Divine Guidance in Decision Making Manifestation

Divine Guidance in Decisions Manifestation Reiki works to connect you to creative source energy for guidance and clarity in making decisions. It helps to bring guidance in clear action steps and choosing the highest good path in decisions. It is a gentle energy that helps to guide you with clarity and opportunity for change choices.

Level 11 – Rising to the Challenge Manifestation

Rising to the Challenge Manifestation connects you to the Universal Source energies that empower you so that you can face any challenge and rise above it. These challenges may be emotional, physical, or spiritual in nature, and the energies will give you that extra boost of empowerment to meet it and rise above it. You may be facing obstacles of oppression, or you may be facing challenges of reaching goals—either way the energies of this system will help you through it with extra boosts of determination, willpower, and energies to rise above it all.

Level 12 – Healing Happiness Manifestation

The Healing Happiness Manifestation attunement has been designed to connect you to your higher self for guidance in achieving the happiness that you deserve. The energies of this attunement fill you with love and light of a complete universal energy. It works to help you heal happiness through giving yourself permission to be truly happy.

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