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Manasa Devi Goddess Attunement


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Manasa is the Goddess of Naga and Fertility. She works with initiates to fulfill their wishes if she feels that the wish is in alignment with the Higher Self. Manesa has also been known to give Protection against Snake Bites {this applies to individuals who live in snake affected countried and although it could help, you must always seek professional medical attention if you are biten by a snake.

Associated with the Earth and Higher Knowledge, she is worshipped in Eastern India but is honoured and prayed to all over the world. She has the power as well to Cure Infections, Disease and also to Shower one with Wealth and Prosperity. The benevolent Manasa Devi bestows immense boons on her Devotees and helps them to tide over their adversaries while curing them of all their ills.

The Goddess Manasa Devi will help empower you with the followng and much more:

* Healing Infections and Disease

* Help Cure Physical, Mental and Spiritual Disorders

* Help increase Fertility {in men and women}

* Increase Abundance & Prosperity

* Brings forth Good Fortune & Wealth

* Fulfills Wishes

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