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Maitri Vihara


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The story of Maitri Vihara is a simple one. Ana began to intuit new symbols after she received her 3rd level Karuna Reiki Initiation. This creative process intensified during a trip to Macchu Picchu during the Fall Equinox of 2000. While meditating, she felt a profound connection to the God and goddess and was guided to develop her own system of subtle energy healing with a Reiki base. As such, it is a prerequisite to be attuned to Shinpiden of Reiki in order to receive this attunement. Maitri Vihara focuses on the Inner Jouney towards healing through the ever unfolding expansion of consciousness. By first balancing and focusing your compassionate awareness, you will perceive that these symbols serve as catalysts for subtle energy frequency shifts. They also serve to empower by working as constant reminders of the interindependence of each individual wave in the Cosmic Ocean. inner journey towards healing (at each of these levels) through the ever

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