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Maha Kali Seichim


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Ancient Origins of Knowledge of other ancient healing systems sheds light on the pre-Usui origins of Reiki. The Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist devotion to Kali the Mother and Maha Kali is normally thought of as just performing Sadhana (Daily Prayer Rituals) while also reciting the Maha Kali Mantra. However, taught Orally from Teacher to Student there was also a Healing System that is similar to the Reiki/Seichim method of initiation and attunement.

In another aspect the Mother Divine is called Maha Kali. In this aspect she is the warrior Mother who is fighting all the time against the hostile forces, against Imperfection, Limitation, Bondage and Death. At the same time, she is all Compassion for the sincere seekers. In all her Divine aspects, the Transcendental Mother is full of Compassion, but in this aspect she is undoubtedly the Mother of Compassion. Maha Kali has more Compassion than the others, for she does not allow anyone to cherish imperfection in the Physical/Vital/Mental Plane of existance. It is her infinite Compassion that frees Humanity from fetters of Ignorance.

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