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Magickal Soul Rising


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Magickal Soul Rising TM is a beautiful, powerful and magickal energetic tool. The energy of this system works to attract powerful magickal and lick vibrations into your life. It also had the potential to take you to placed where you make contact with the deeper aspects of your spirtual self. The vibration of this energy has a very strong connection to Shamanism due to its teachings that allow you to access the energy of the Natural world and Elementals. It is an energy of Divine Harmony that aids the birth of Creativity and Clear Psychic Visoions while helping you to access Higher Spirital Energy to make contact with Guides and Teachers of the Higher realms.

Magickal Soul Raising will teach you how to perform the following Rituals:

* Magickal Soul Awakening Rite

* Magickal Soul Rising

* Magickal Soul Healing

* Magickal Soul Connection Link

* Magickal Soul Energy Booster

* Magickal Soul Resonation

* Magickal Soul Human Re-Balancing

* Magickal Soul Connection Restoration

* Magickal Soul Path Re–Connection

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