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Magickal Lightworker Program


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The Magical Lightworker Program is Reiki with a touch of Magic. It is fun system work with but at the same time it holds great power. It is easy to use and is helpful in all areas of your life. Even if you do not practice Magic, this system is a must have for everyone. Anyone can learn and use this system as there are no prerequisites but the founder does ask that a basic understanding of energy work is beneficial, preferably (but not required) a Reiki Master or Kundaini Reiki Master. The Magickal Lightworker Program teaches you about the 12 Universal Laws and how they can be used to create the life you want using Magic and Lightwork. The 6 Attunements work to connect you to the realms of the Angels, Fairies, Dragons and much more. You will also learn about how to connect with the Goddess, Higher Self and Spirit Guides. You will receive the main Introduction Manual that teaches you about the 12 Universal Laws and how to work with them through Magic and Lightwork. Through this system, you will also be given Meditations, Spells and Rituals. Please remember the Law of Return when you use this system for Magical purposes. Waht you give out will be returned to you. 

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