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Magickal Crystal LightWork Program


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The Magickal Crystal LightWork Program has been created to help you to connect with the basic energies of all Crystals and Stones. Each individual type of Crsytal or Stone has its own unique energy signature of that specific type, such as Rose Quartz, Ruby, Jasper, Amethyst etc. and various other subcatagories of even specific types of stones. There are Golden Topaz, Blue Topaz, Fire Topaz and within these subcatagories there are energies that are specific to each single Crystal or Stone. and so therefore the attunement for the Magickal Crystal Lightwork Program will connect you to the basic energies of all Crystals and Stones

There are 4 attunements within this system:

Level 1

The first attunement will connect you to the energies of all Crystals and Stones.

Level 2

The 2nd level will connect you to the healing properties of Crystals and Stones to heighten your abilities to use them for healing.

Level 3

The 3rd level will enahnce your Psychic Abilities in using Crystals and Stones for Psychic Work.

Level 4

The 4th and final attunement will strengthen your Personal Power while increasing your abilities to manifest your Desires when using Crystals and Stones.

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