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Magical Stone Reiki Empowerment


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Magickal Stone Reiki is an Attunement that I love to work with. Its main purpose is for Protection, Abundance, Healing and Love. It is a system that is deeply rooted in Amanda’s many years of collecting Stones which is something that I also enjoy. I don’t think there is a day that goes by when I am not out walking in nature where I will see a Stone that will call to me in the same way that Crystals will when I see them in shops for sale. The added bonus of collecting Stones is that they are Free. The energies of this system are truly Magickal and are infused with the ability to imbue your chosen Purpose/Properties into any Stone that you choose or find. Once created the Stone will continuously emit the Energies that it has been infused with. Magickal Stone Reiki can be used with Garden Stones, Precious Stones, Riverbed Stones, Rocks, Tumbled Stones, Pebbles or Crystals. The use of this system is truly endless. You will be attuned to the Magickal energies and symbols which allow you to imbue any Stone with any Intention and this will grow and transform for your own personal needs.

Once you have infused a Stone you can use it in any way you choose. You can:

* Carry it in your Pocket, Wallet or Purse.

* Make it into Jewellery.

* Sew it onto Clothing or Furniture.

* Place in in your Home, Office, Car or by your Bed, on your Alter/Sacred Space.

* Use it with Affirmations, Meditations, Healing Sessions, Energy Work, and Spell Work.

* You can create Infused Stones for your own use or dedicate them to others.

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