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Magic & Curse Cleansing Power Reiki


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This attunement does have a fixed fee but Senay has given me permission to offer it for less to make it available to more people.
Within the realms of mystical understanding, magic serves as a conduit for a distinct mode of reasoning, a mindset that seeks influence from imperceptible forces to shape occurrences, enact transformations in tangible circumstances, or craft the semblance of change. Magic, in its multifaceted essence, pursues the acquisition of knowledge, power, love, or wealth; the remedy or prevention of ailments and perils; the assurance of prosperity or triumph in pursuits; the infliction of harm upon adversaries; the revelation of hidden truths; the facilitation of spiritual metamorphosis; the art of illusion; or simply the provision of entertainment. The efficacy of a spell typically hinges on the condition and execution of the incantation, with the practitioner perceived to possess a connection to unseen powers and specialized insights into the precise words and actions required to manipulate these ethereal forces. Notably, a dichotomy exists between “white” magic, employed for benevolent purposes, and “black” magic, often associated with malevolence.
Despite the frequent blurring of these distinctions, an inherent sense of “otherness” permeates magical practices. In certain societies, magic may cast its practitioners as marginalized or stigmatized figures, while in others, it is revered as a supernatural force channelled through the central figure of the practitioner. The casting of spells, particularly those rooted in “black” magic for nefarious purposes involves the channelling of negative energy to exert control over emotions, thoughts, and actions, with the intention to inflict harm or trauma upon the target. Fortunately, the narrative also unveils the possibility of dispelling the influence of black magic, inviting positive fortune and prosperity back into one’s life, ultimately restoring a sense of inner tranquillity and joy.
This profound energy was given to Senay through the guidance of the Ascended Masters and Archangels. In a swift current of this remarkable energy flow, she was compelled to share and channel its essence. The revelation spoke of a world in need of more light, urging individuals to turn towards the light and illuminate their surroundings, dispelling the layers of negative energy entwined in their lives. Clear messages emerged during moments of introspection amid chaos. “Recognition of the negativity undermining one’s power marks the commencement of dissolution,” declared the guiding force. This energy serves as a beacon, unveiling the veils of negativity, providing clarity on obstacles obstructing one’s life path, and guiding the way to regain control.

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