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Magenta Chamber of Light


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The Magenta Chamber of Light was channeled with the sole purpose of bringing Balance and Energetic Re-Calibration. Magenta is a colour vibration that contains equal parts of Red and Purple.

The Colour Red is one that Empowers and Energizes the Mind, Body and Spirit. It transmits Determination and Passion. It is also a very intense colour that many healers will use for Grounding purposes. Red Energy also helps to ensure that Humanity fully and energetically connects with and expresses in the Physical Realms.

The Colour Purple is one that develops Mental Clarity bringing Positivity and Success. It is a colour that brings ideas into action! The colour Purple connects with the deepest sense of Inner Knowing and imspires Truth, Clarity and Faith.

The Colour Magenta helps to awaken the Enthusiasm for Life and inspire the user to connect with the Higher Realms of Spirituality. It can also be used to assist you with your journey of Self Discovery and Personal Awakening. Magenta symbolizes Balance and the union of the Masculine/Feminine Energies, Action and Receptivity. It symbolizes the Physical Self and the Earth while at the same time connects the union of the Spiritual Self wich is the connection with your Higher Self and your Higher Intelligence. The marriage between the Spirit World and the Physical World.

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