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Magdalene’s Pink Bliss Divine Light


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Magdalene’s Pink Bliss Divine Light distant attunement is now available through the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies as a healing modality that comes from the Divine Feminine and a sacred connection with Mary Magdalene. This energy was received by Kim after many meditations and spiritual connections with Mary Magdalene who is the guardian of this energy. If you are new to energy healing or have been initiated into Reiki or Angelic Reiki {including Angel LightCode Healing Reiki} or other forms of Reiki {including Seichim and Karuna Ki} you will feel how similar yet different this energy is.  It is pure, sacred and divinely honest. The energies of Magdalene’s Pink Bliss Divine Light come via the Pink Bliss Vibration. It is not a Ray or a Flame. It is an initiation of the Heart and Higher Heart Chakras to bring through a Sacred Expansion of the Divine within you. As you work with the energies, you will sense the vibrations flowing with a pink colour and vibrating with a Rose Quartz Energy that touches all aspects of your mind, body & spirit. It consists of a very high energy that fills you with a calming, peaceful, gentle and very powerful energy that embodies the energy from Mary Magdalene herself so she can bring forth the essence of her presence to you. Bliss energy brings love and compassion, understanding and nurturing of yourself and others,

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