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LW Majestic Tree Attunement Sit, Learn & Love from Mother Earth and the Tree’s


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Message from the Trees: We are the Magnificent and Majestic Trees….We are the Ground Keepers of Mother Earth…. We bring you Love, Peace and Happiness….We provide you with Oxygen to Breath, Heat for the Cold, Shade from the Heat and we take away Carbon Dioxide from the Air….We moderate the Ground Temperatures….We watch over Soul Erosion and We are the Link between Heaven and Earth.

Trees are here becasue people have forgotten them. They have forgotten how much the Tree’s help us on our Life Paths and are reminding us that without them, there would be no life as we know it The Trees are here to protect Mother Earth from Erosion, from Bare Earth and from Pollution. The Trees are now aksing that we remember them and we respect them for the blessings that they give to us. They are asking us to look at them, touch them, sit with them and if we do this, they will help us to understand them and what they need.

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