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Luranis High Energy Initiation


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This Spiritual Activation is carried to you by Adama, the High Priest of the city of Light {Telos}. Through this attunement you will be taken to the City of Lights where a Solemn Ceremony of your Initiation will be completed. The Healing Symbol LURANIS with its pure Rainbow Energy will be encoded into your Auric Field, anchoring itself into the 3rd and 5th Chakras as well as bringing healing to all levels fo your being. Your DNA wil be activated and you will ascend to the 5th Dimensional Consciousness where the transformation of your whole body will begin. As you bring Healing to yourself and others using the LURANIS symbol your intention will be used to heal the sick in Humans and our Animal Kingdom. Use this symbol is Wisdom and Unconditional Love. Be a Torchbearer of the Light.

While this system has a fixed fee of €100 I cannot pass it on for that price. The energies are powerful but to sell an attunement that only cosists of 1 attunement and has a 8 page manual would make me feel as though I was taking advantage of my students. I am therefore offering it for the same price as I would any other attunement with a manual of this size. If however you want to honour this price you can pay the fixed fee but I will then give you free gifts to make up the cost so either way, I wont feel bad and the laws of attracion will be honoured.

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