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Lotus Jewel of Quantum Release


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The Lotus Jewel of Quantum Release is a 2 level system that focuses its attention on the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. The energies of the Jewels that you receive as part of the attunement will present themselves to you in a unique way that is in alignment with your Higher Self. As they land in the Inner Sacred. Space of your Heart or Solar Plexus the liquid splashes outward, filling the Holes and Cord Connections that have been leaking your Vital Energy. Each hole is sealed with Infinite Love, which also goes outward to those people, places and things you have been leaking your own vital energy to.

Level 2 consists of the Lotus Jewel of Freedom. This Jewel gives you a sense of Freedom that envelops your whole being. Sovereign over your own reality brings both Healing and the Promise of being Supported and Upliften in all that you do. You can call in Lotus Jewels of Freedom any time you feel guided to connect with the energies. You can use them for Personal Healing and Expansion as well as offering them to others. All of this is overseen by the presence of the Goddess Quan Yin

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