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Lord Kuthumi Reiki


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Lord Kuthumi Reiki has been designed to help those who work on self-awareness. As the great earth changes begin to occur, master Kuthumi will be instrumental in the re-emergence of knowledge,  long lost to mankind. In so doing He will provide the key to this inner search. Lord Kuthumi’s energy is warm, glowing and comforting. He is very important in ‘grounding’ us and teaching us to accept and love our life on earth. He works very closely with those who are having a great influence on our consciousness at this time. He particularly helps us in manifesting our dreams and wishes here on earth within our 3D reality. Lord Kuthumi also connects us with nature, earth energies and the elemental spirits. Just by working with Lord Kuthumi we increase the frequency of our own vibration, our soul vibration becomes finer, and this affects our physical and other bodies, and helps us to become more Light, and to give out more Light, and so to become more loving. He helps us in the manifestation of abundance and success in our lives. He assists us in grounding and enjoying life on Earth. 

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