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Lithium Quartz Mental/Emotional Healing Method


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The Lithium Quartz Mental & Emotional Healing Method was originally channeled in 2012 but has recently undergone an update so the Manual and Attunement Energies have been updated to reflect this.

Many of you reading this will have already received the Spiritual Teachings within the Usui Method of Natural Healing where you will have received the knowledge of the Mental and Emotional Healing method along with the Mental and Emotional Symbol but did you know that there is also a new method of Healing which I have been blessed with being able to channel from Spirit and my guide Rakesh. This method incorporates the Etheric Encoded Energies of the Lithium Quartz Crystal. Through your Distant Attunement to this new Method, you will be able to perform a Mental and Emotional Healing on yourself while also incorporating it into any existing Healing Sessions that you give to clients. By using the Mental and Emotional Healing Method along with the activation of the Lithium Quartz Crystal, you will be able to bring a powerful rebalancing effect to all forms of Mental and Emotional Distress.

The Etheric Lithium Quartz Crystal that you will receive will be Energetically Encoded into your Palm and Crown Chakras. It is then through this placement of the Etheric Crystalline Structures that you will gain a new Dimension of Healing when combined with the Frequencies of the Mental and Emotional Healing Method. This new Dimension of Energy will help you to focus more deeply on the belief structure of both the Conscious and Subconscious mind which could be one of the causes for the current Mental State of your Client. Using the Energies of the Lithium Quartz Crystalline Structure can also penetrate the Veil of Time to heal the wounds that might have been carried forth from Childhood or Past Lifetimes.

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