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Lineage Clearing Empowerment


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Over the years, I have been in contact with a lot of people who have all asked the same question. The question was “Is it possible to Clear Lineages”? At first I was taken aback by this question because in all my years of being a Spiritual Teacher, I have never thought about clearing the energies of a lineage but after recent events where I discovered that some founders are not working from a place of healing and positivity, I started to clear my lineages as well as removing lineages from my life. This accumilated with the removal of multiple attunements from my website in order to stop any future negativity from affecting the students who came to the academy for their spiritual training.

So what is a Lineage and the Clearing Empowerment?

A spiritual lineage is a written transfer of energy that shows the line of attunement from the founder to someone who is attuned to a specific frequency of energy. This lineage is passed down from teacher to student and can be as long as 20-30 names or as short as your name being after the founder. Over the years, I have seen many more students who try to get their attunements directly from the founder and this is the best way to prevent energetic fractures from occurring within the lineages. Lineages are also often believed to only affect the teachings of Usui Reiki but in reality they apply to all distant attunements unless a founder has specifically stated that the lineage is to be a direct connection between spirit and the individual being attuned. As more and more people are attuned to an energy the lineage will continue to grow. During this time, it is possible for fractures or blockages to occur within the lineage. These either come from someone who has re-written the system without permission, altering the manual by adding extra information, removing information or worst of all, using a false/altered lineage so their name appears next to the founder when they haven’t actually been attuned by the founder. This attunement will not cure any of these fractures if you have a lineage which has been tampered with BUT it will clear any adverse energies or fractures within that lineage to ensure that even if you are unaware of the wrong doings, you will not be passing on the energies to your own students or into your spiritual body.

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