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Light Shield Empowerment


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The Light Shield Empowerment has been channeled to give you the spiritual tools which can be used to form a shield of light around you to prevent any non serving energy from entering your auric field and environment. The Light Shield Empowerment works by raising your vibrational energies and then constructing a shield of light from these divine energies. The shield which is part of you will completely surround your whole body including your auric field and chakras. The shield however will not stop the flow of positive energies from entering into your subtle bodies or any energy that you need to experience.

The Light Shield Empowerment has been created in a similar way to my other attunements in that the energies will be open ended. This means that as you grow and progress on your spiritual path you will discover new ways in which you can use the energies. The benefits of this is that you will always receive the vibrational energies that you need and you won’t be restricted by what the attunement or the manual is programmed to do. Due to this open ended nature, there is the potential for new energy functions to make themselves known to you that will be specific to you and your needs at this time. Therefore I encourage you to be flexible and creative when utilising the energies of the Light Shield but most important of all, I want you to have fun!

You will learn about the following:

* Introduction to the Light Shield Empowerment.

* Shielding and Energetic Protection.

* How to identify Non Serving Energies in your life.

* How to work with the Light Shield Energies.

* How to Activate the Light Shield.

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