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Light of Christ Activation


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The Light of Christ Activationis a Divine Energy Signature which flows to you from the realms of the Ascended Master Jesus. This energetic function works to bring life and light to all things. The energy of this Activation brings Comfort to your Soul and activates within you the ability to sense a deeper feeling of Love for all of Humankind. As a result of this, you will better understand what it means to be a better Teacher, Healer, Parent, Lover etc. As the Light of Christ Activation works through you, you will receive Spiritual Enlightenment, Knowledge and an Uplifting Energy that will fill your life with the blessings of the Ascended Master Jesus.

You will receive many benefits from this attunement including the following:

* The Activation of Christ-like Characteristics within you.

* A Deeper sense of Love for all Humankind.

* A Reflection of the Light of Christ throgh you to release false Doctrines.

* Attracting and Experiencing Peace and Inner Comfort.

* Release from Attachments.

* A greater capacity to see and feel things that are invisible to the Physical Senses.

* Spiritual Enlightenment.

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