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Life Force Infusion System 1-3


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Life Force Infusion System has been designed to bring a profound sense of balance to your body’s physical processes including those that are involved in the functioning of your Endocrine, Nervous, Circulatory, Organs and Digestive systems. Life Force Infusion balances these processes one at a time, beginning its work with whatever requires its attention most. As the system draws on more life force to your Physical Body, a healing of the complete trinity {mind, body & spirit} will take place. Such healing is not the direct effect of this system but of the increased life force that this system brings to your body. As you continue to work with the energies, your overall health and well-being will naturally improve.

Life Force Infusion consists of 3 Degrees:

* 1st Degree: At this level, you will be attuned to the energies so that they can begin flowing through your body as well as receiving the encoded energies of 2 unique symbols.

* 2nd Degree: The 2nd degree will continue your connections with the Life Force energies as well as encoding the 3rd symbol into your Auric Field. This 2nd symbol works by harmonising and invigorating the Spirit.

* 3rd Degree: The 3rd and final attunement is referred to as the Master/Teacher degree. A 4th symbol is encoded into your Auric Field which helps you to increase the flow of Life Force energies which helps you to pass on the energies to others as well as use it during your Meditations and if guided, your Healing Sessions.

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