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Letting Go of Resistance Reiki


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Letting Go of Resistance Reiki is a system that has been channled to help you identify and release resistance whcih is stopping you from manifesting your Desires. Letting Go of Resistance Reiki connects and aligns you to the Source Energies, bringing your Mind, Body and Spirit into complete unison with your desires. These energies will also help you to set your intention and work work to manifest your goals without any resisting throughts slowing or blocking the Manifestation process. The Energies of this Attunement lift your Vibration to match the Vibration of your Desires, so it becomes easier for you to truly accept your Desires in your current Reality.

Letting Go of Resistance Reiki will help with the following:

* Understanding your Desires.

* Giving you confidence in setting your Intentions.

* Becoming aware of resisting thoughts.

* How to release resisting thoughts that you have towards your Desires.

* Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit with your Desires.

* Raising your Vibration to match your Desires.

* Freeing you from Self-Sabotage.

* Helping you to manifest your Desires in your Reality.

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