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Lava Stone Anti-Anxiety Flush Empowerment


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Everyone will experience nerves and the symptoms of nerves during their lifetime but when this nervousness progresses and becomes anxiety, this is when a new beast will appear and that beast can destroy someone’s life if it is left untreated. Anxiety is also a condition that will affect each person differently so there is never a set rule for every person who has this problem. It will affect each person with varying degrees of intensity. As many of you know, I suffered with anxiety and panic disorder after I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia over 20 years ago. This resulted in me being housebound for close to 20 years. Every time I would leave the house, I would experience intense feelings of anxiety and panic so over time, I stopped going out and that was the biggest mistake. If I had been able to use this energy back then, I know that I would not have ended up being housebound for as long as I was. Thankfully after many years of intense self-help and facing my fears I am now 95% recovered from this condition and it was through using Reiki and many other healing attunements including the Lava Stones that I was able to overcome this condition. Please don’t get me wrong, I still occasionally experience anxiety and panic but with the blessings of the Lava Stones being in my etheric background and my knowledge of energy healing, I am able to pull myself out of the anxiety state in a matter of minutes. Through this distant attunement, you will receive an energetic coding to the blessings of the Lava Stones. These stones will be encoded into your etheric background {Aura}, Palm Chakras, Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus. You will then be able to activate these stones via your heart-felt intention and the placement of your hands over the Chakras in order to fill your body with the calming and grounding energies of the Lava Stone. 

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2017 and revised in 2023


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