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Lady Marketer Reiki


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Lady Marketer is a unique energy that comes from the Modern Energy and Eternal Sacred Source of Reiki. Lady Marketer Reiki will help men and women to feel and to catch the most successful energy for Work, Business and all Endevours. While I try to stay away from attunements that focus on bringing customers into your business because this can go against their Free Will, I have meditated on this attunement and read the manual where I can see no way in which the energies can be used for this purpose. This is why I have chosen to offer it thorugh the Academy website. Lady Marketer works to attract projects and products for your business. When activated, this attunement will give a positive boost of powerful energies to bring forth postive Attraction, Success and the Uplifting of Mind, Body & Spirit.

You can use the energies of Lady Marketer in the following ways:

* Charging Objects

* Clearing Energy Blocks

* Aligning a Healing Crisis

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