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Kriya Reiki 1-5


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Important Notice: Kriya Reiki does not have an attunement procedure within the manual. In these instances, I recommend using the INTENTION method where you set your intention for the individual to receive the energy and symbols for the highest good 
 Kriya-Reiki is a method of healing to bring about perfection in oneself and others. Just as we cannot pour water from an empty vessel, and we cannot clean any surface with a dirty cloth, we cannot heal others as long as we are not perfectly healed ourselves. Whenever one thinks of healing others one must first see to it that one is also healed of thoughts and energies {emotional, physical and mental}. Even confusion or lack of self-confidence, are the thoughts that need healing. Kriya-Reiki is a method of making a perfect healer. Naturally, it considers self-healing vitally essential for healing. It proposes different methods for self-healing and for healing others. These methods are very simple and easy. Anyone can practice them without any difficulty.
Kriya-Reiki strongly recommends meditation and thought release for self-healing. Both these things are to be done in a very scientific way. During the training for Kriya Reiki, scientific training of one easy way of meditation is given. One can do this meditation anywhere and any number of times in a day. This aligns the mind and helps a person to think in the right direction. Also here is a scientific method of releasing the thoughts that is taught. By this, one can get freedom from the thoughts that are troubling a person. This means, that Kriya-Reiki is a complete way of healing oneself and healing others through the completely healthy self.

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