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Karmic Council Reiki


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Karmic Council Reiki has been created with the sole intention of giving you the spiritual tools that can be used to aid in all forms of personal and worldwide Karma. We all have personal Karma which starts from the moment we are born and this continues to build up during our lifetime. We also form a spiritual contract with our guides and guardian angel that we will work on clearing and repairing our Karma from previous lifetimes. I want to make a personal note here to say that Karma is not something to fear and it is not evil. Karma is the energetic junk that we all pick up during our daily lives through our thoughts and actions. Over time this builds up and without the correct energetic tools it will continue to affect us throughout the many lifetimes that we all have. Through the releasement of this Karma both in your present life and also from past lifetimes you will create a flow of energy that will in turn help you to spiritual grow to reach personal ascension. Through this process of releasement you will also be given the chance to connect with the energies of some very highly evolved light beings who are here to assist humanity with the releasement of all forms of Karma. Within the Karmic Council Reiki manual will you learn lots more about who the Karmic Council are and how they can aid you on your personal spiritual path.

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