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Karma Release & Empowerment Reiki


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Karma Release and Empowerment Reiki works to connect you to past, present, and future Karmic patterns to help you understand and release negative karma from the past and present lifetimes so that you can create the future you want to experience. Karma is not a punishment, but is the destiny set in motion by your decisions and actions on this earth. It can be released and it can be changed to lighten the effects that it has on your life. What you do with the information of your Karma will determine what you will achieve in the future. The energies of this system connect you to your higher self and creative source energy so that you can lighten the burden of any bad karma, and learn to send out positive karma to build happiness in the future. You will learn the steps necessary to bring changes to help with reversing the effects of past Karma that does not serve you in a positive way. The knowledge and information in this system will empower you to move beyond the barriers of Karma that holds you back. 

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