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Isis Blue Moon Healing System


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Isis Blue Moon contains a frequency of energy that encompasses many energetic aspects of the Goddess Isis. Isis Blue Moon includes them all and the more you work with Isis and the energies of the Blue Moon, the more likely you will be to notice these individual aspects. Within the manual provided you will find some of the main Isis frequencies along with the ancient symbols associated with those energies.

So what can the Isis Blue Moon Healing System be used for?

These energies are mostly used to help with any form of cooling and/or clearing healings that are given to oneself or another person. Many teachers who have worked with this energy have reported that it does give some relief for any nerve based condition such as pinched nerves. Others have reported that the sensation of the energies is quite often a lot cooler than that of traditional reiki which is felt as warmth. This makes the Isis Blue Moon energies very beneficial for burns, wounds and even the painful condition called IBS. Isis Blue Moon can also be used to clear negative and stale energies from your environment whether they be external or internal.

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