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Intuition & Enorasis


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This Sacred Empowerment of Divine Light and Divine Love has been created to help boost your Psychic and Spiritual Power. The Wisdom that will be bestowed upon you during your Attunement will help bring forth the Highest Healing Power and Wisdom of the Ancient Primordial Force. It will Open, Clear & Balance the 3rd Eye which is the Divine Eye of Spirit – Elevating Awareness and Consciousness to new levels of understanding. This bestows Clearity and Simplicity in Communicating with the Angels / Archangels / Higher Self / Spirit / Mahatma / Ascended Masters and Light Beings. Many Advantages, abilities, Benefits and Gifts of all kinds will be revealed so you can truly experience what it means to have Spiritual and Psychic Abilities.

This Attunement will not make you Psychic. It will simply help your Inner Eye to Develop in order for a Higher Frequency of energy to be assimilated into your consciousenss.

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