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Infinity Reiki


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Although there are no prerequisites, a basic understanding of energy healing will help you to tap into these energies. Infinity Reiki Empowerment is a powerful energy system that was gifted to Amanda where she has been working with the energies for some time before releasing the manual to students. The energies of this system connect you to your infinite self, to infinite source energy, aligning past, present and future together without boundaries. The energies are profound and activate a deep sense of oneness and awareness within you. A knowing of your place in this infinite universe, your connection to the divine and the endless possibilities open to each and every one of us. This system incorporates the infinity symbol, the symbol of infinite possibility, simplicity, balance and oneness. It is used to activate and amplify the energies and will be given to you during your attunement.This is a system of personal and spiritual development and expansion.

Infinity Reiki works in a number of ways, including:

* Expanding your Consciousness.

* Increasing your Awareness.

* Raising your Vibration.

* Increased Clarity of Thought.

* Expand Intuition.

* Enhance Problem Solving.

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