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Infinite Reiki Package


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The series consists of a set of 6 distant attunements that have been designed to help bring you into a true state of being by giving you the spiritual tools that you can use to reconnect to that portion of the Divine that it within you.

Infinite Source Reiki

The Infinite Source energy is the first system in the Infinite series. Infinite Source Energy helps to reconnect you with Divine Source by re-awakening Pathways between you and Divine Source.

Infinite Self Reiki

The Infinite Self energy is the second system in the Infinite series. Infinite Self Energy helps you come into who you truly are…that part of you that is infinite.

Infinite State Reiki

The Infinite State energy is the third system in the Infinite series. Infinite State Energy works with you to bring you into your perfect place of existing. It is a place where you connect to all that is.

Infinite Knowledge Reiki

The Infinite Knowledge energy is the fourth system in the Infinite series. Infinite Knowledge Energy works to bring you into the flow of the knowledge from Divine Source when and if you’re willing to receive it.

Infinite Wisdom Reiki

The Infinite Wisdom energy is the fifth system in the Infinite series. Infinite Wisdom Energy helps you tap into and move in the limitless wisdom that exists throughout time and matter.

Infinite Balance Reiki

The Infinite Balance energy is the sixth system in the Infinite series. Infinite Balance Energy is not balance according to what you think or feel it should be, but a balance in everything and every area concerning you across dimensions.

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