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Imara Reiki


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Imara Reiki is a beautiful system of energy that I have worked with for over 9 years and is the one form of energy that I will always fall back on when I need to add an extra boost of while giving healing to myself or one of my clients. The name Imara means more so Imara Reiki – More Reiki! When you connect with the Vibrations of Imara you will be given the information on how to tap into a specific frequency of energy that is very simple to use yet is highly effective in increasing your ability to tap into a much higher bank of energy that can then be used for Self Healing as well as Healing others. Quite often when you work with the Energies of Imara Reiki you will see the Energy appear as a swirling Vortex. Some even report the feeling of a pressure change within their own Chakras and Mind with the sensation of their Ears Popping.

As you work with Imara Reiki you will become aware of the many difference that this Frequency has to other systems

* Imara Reiki does NOT need Symbols.

* Imara Reiki uses a New Attunement Process.

* You will experience a strong Spiritual Connection with Ascended Beings and Angelic Light.

* Imara Reiki is known for its capacity to heal the Past, Present and Future.

* Imara Reiki is capable of Healing Repressed Issues whether they be Physical, Emotional or Spiritual.

* Imara Reiki has proven itself in the area of healing issues that are not on the conscious mind yet still effects you.

* Imara Reiki uses a strongly simplified and intensified distance healing procedure.

* Last but not least, it is very common for both the giver and the receiver to perceive information during healing.

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